Aircraft Crash Location Service

Aircraft Crash Location Service to help predict the final surface (ground/water) location of the missing aircraft based on its aeronautical parameters, the current weather conditions at the time of the incident and the terrain topography in the predicted location. By utilizing advanced prediction algorithms and GIS tools we can produce probable surface location ‘crash maps’ of the aircraft’s location for the current scenario under consideration.

Aircraft Debris Location Service

Aircraft Debris Location Service predicts the final surface (ground/water) location of an aircraft that has broken up in flight, for example from an onboard explosion or an explosive projectile aimed at the aircraft. The Aircraft Debris Location service utilizing advanced algorithms to predict the final surface location and debris field of the various components of the aircraft as they fall to earth from the disintegrating aircraft.

Optimized Planning Service

Optimized Planning Service is designed to significantly increase the speed and effectiveness of a major SAR response by ensuring that all the search resources, for all the designated search areas, are deployed in the most precise and effective manner. Unique algorithms have been developed that determine the fastest and most efficient SAR deployments, for all the search areas, to minimize the time and search effort required to quickly finding survivors. The Optimized Planning Service delivers the fastest and most effective search response, with the highest probability of finding survivors – alive!

Boots On the Ground - Global Response Team

When life is at risk, you need responders – Now!
When disaster strikes, you need responders – Now!

Boots on the Ground delivers the skilled responders you need - World-Wide. Fast! Trained, experienced and motivated, our team delivers a fast and powerful on-scene response to meet your mission’s goals.

We offer all levels of training on search, rescue, safety, security and emergency response. Courses are tailored to each group and provide a solid foundation for its graduates to capably and effectively respond to any type of mission they may encounter. Both basic and instructor-level courses are offered to meet local needs.

We provide extensive knowledge, years of practical experience and advanced scientific skills to provide the expert advice, information and guidance you need to meet your organizations objectives. From immediate mission response, to training programs, mission reviews and implementation of local or national emergency response systems Blue Quadrant Consultation rapidly delivers the specialized expert advice, information, products and services you need.