Search & Rescue (SAR) Product

Blue Quadrant is a company focused on providing complete Search & Rescue solutions as well as Emergency Response & Incident Management services.

Blue Quadrant has developed a software application for Search & Rescue Management – ‘IncidentCommanderPro’. This solution is currently deployed at several Emergency Management centres in North America, Africa and Australasia. This is a unique solution and has no comparable competition.

‘IncidentCommanderPro’ software manages all types of emergency-response incidents, including major air, marine and ground response missions. It includes all the tools required to effectively manage, deploy, track and monitor resources as they respond to incidents.

‘IncidentCommanderPro’ also includes an extensive set of specialized tools that ensure the fastest and most efficient response is always deployed to the mission.

Incident Commander Pro Software

The premier tool for search, rescue and emergency-response operations.

‘Incident Commander Pro’ can help you plan, manage, respond and document all aspects of search, rescue and emergency-response missions.

From developing mission pre-plans to creating response assignments, tracking personnel and documenting actions ‘Incident Commander Pro’ can handle any type of mission, of any size, anywhere.

From monitoring a brief initial-response incident to managing major catastrophes, involving hundreds of responders over many weeks, ‘Incident Commander Pro’ can quickly respond, it’s flexible Response Tools rapidly scaling-up to match the scope of the incident.

‘Incident Commander Pro’ can handle all aspects of personnel tracking - from tracking just few responders to coordinating the movements of hundreds of personnel over many days.

Detailed status displays, integrated barcoding and ID card creation keep track of all personnel, their deployments and check-ins, with the fast and powerful tightly integrated personnel management system.

A unique collection of specialized Planning Tools help determine the precise manpower requirements, deployment locations and task duration, creating a highly-tailored response, specifically designed for each type of incident and its precise geographic location.

Powerful Data Tools provide valuable information, guidelines, procedures and recommendations for managing a wide range of land, sea and air incidents.

‘Incident Commander Pro’ also includes a comprehensive collection of tools to help you keep track of your organization and resources. Training records, personnel skills, equipment logs, communications systems, personnel tables, organization lists and resource lists are all tightly integrated and managed by ‘Incident Commander Pro’.

Distance Buffers

Real-Time GPS Track Display

Google Earth 3D Visualization

An advanced Mapping Module provides the ability to display detailed maps, overlayed with multiple drawing layers, where your custom information – including areas, routes, labels, buffers, boundaries etc., can be drawn and saved to the pre-plan or mission map. Flexible line, polygon and circle drawing tools permits detailed, customized maps to be created.

A comprehensive set of Mapping Tools permit areas and lengths to be measured, GPS tracks displayed, data plotted and maps exported for field use and mission briefings. Distance-rings, statistical probability zones and direction of travel sectors can all be easily plotted from the integrated data tables. Routes and areas can be drawn directly on the map for immediate mission use or saved for future assignments.

Your customized map layers can also be uploaded to Google Earth, for 2D or 3D display, providing powerful realworld visualization of your customized mission or planning maps, displayed over the latest satellite imagery.

‘Incident Commander Pro’ delivers enhanced system reliability - automatically backing-up and restoring multiple versions of your maps - providing reliability, redundancy and maximum uptime, even under challenging operational conditions.

‘Incident Commander Pro’s powerful tracking capability delivers real-time location tracking of field personnel through GPSsatellite tracking, GPS-radio tracking and GPS-smartphone tracking. These live tracking displays provide immediate information on each team’s current location, as well as automatically saving the entire track-file, for later display.

Emails, tracking messages and emergency messages, sent from the remote tracking devices, can all be saved within ‘Incident Commander Pro’ and forwarded to management personnel for immediate action - even if they are away from the incident command post. Urgent SOS/Help messages can also be specifically forwarded to key personnel - an important safety consideration for monitoring remote workers.

‘Incident Commander Pro’ provides a powerful and comprehensive solution for managing search, rescue and emergency-response operations. Built on field-proven technologies and tested on tough, real-world missions, Incident Commander Pro is the premier tool for planning and managing search, rescue and emergency-response operations.