Blue Quadrant can supply, install, commission and maintain various types of Simulators. We are specialized in Air Side Driving Simulators, ATC Simulators and custom built simulators for various needs and training.

We undestand that your success lies in getting the right solution for your problems. This requires clear understanding of your needs and how a simulator can be integrated into your training system. Blue Quadrant has gained expertise in understanding the client needs and delivering the results expected.

Airside Driving Simulators

Blue Quadrant Airside Driving Simulator has been designed with the goal to train aiside drivers on safe operating proceadure at airports. The simulator trains the drivers on the hazards and risks associated with driving on ruways, taxiways & apron. The Airside Driving Simualtor helps in reducing the number of potential accidents and damage to valuable aircrafts, airside vehciles & other infrastructure.


Blue Quadrant advanced simulators train operators on a variety of Airside vehicles and equipments like Pushback, De-icing equipment, Loaders, Baggage tractors, Trucks, Buses, Cars, Ambulance, Fire Truck and 4×4 patrolling vehicle.

Airport Driving Simulator is an excellent tool for:
  • Training and upgrading the skills of existing airfield / airside drivers.
  • Testing the drivers for issuing Airport driving Permits.
Simulator Benefits
Simulators help in training and preparing staff for a variety of situations on Airside under complete safety. Blue Quadrant Airside Driving Simulators are tested and proven for training personnel in zero risk environments along with:
  • Reduced accidents at airside
  • Minimized interruptions to airside operations
  • Standardized training & evaluation system
  • Familiarization of vehicle /equipment before use
  • Live training on potential hazards
  • Faster turnaround of operations
  • Lower training and maintenance cost
  • Reduced Insurance Cost
Custom Airports

We excel in creating Geo specific Airports matching to the exact AutoCAD drawings provided by the client. Custom Airports are replicas of the client airport which allows the drivers to get prepared for site-related emergencies, procedures and site familiarization.

Training Language

Local language is the key to effective training. Our software enables customizing the training language to client specific requirements. This gives an opportunity to the trainee to learn in his own language with ease.

Airside Equipment

Blue Quadrant Airside simulators are designed for a range of ground operational vehicles. Options are available in both hardware and software to select and train on the type of vehicle operating on the airside.

OEM Controls

Blue Quadrant simulator is an replica of the real vehicle, we use OEM Cockpit controls giving the driver a realistic experience during the training session.