Airside Vehicle Surveillance System

Airport Tracker is a cost effective Airport Surface Tracking System designed to provide visual aid to Air Traffic Controllers and reduce the risk of ground incursions. The system is based on a proven technology utilizing GPS and network technology to transmit and receive information at ground surveillance radar intervals. The technology eliminates blank spots and shadows and provides the ATCO with a full dynamic view of the whole airport, leaving no critical area undetected. The system is specially designed for airports with low to medium traffic density.

The Airport Tracker Solution

Our Airport Solution system is designed as a total solution for any airport operation. The Airport Tracker is a key product providing the controller with a live view of the ground operations. The system can easily be adapted to include inbound air traffic and terminal operation information, both resulting in improved service handling time.

The Tracker can be connected to surveillance data sources to display inbound traffic. The arrival manager feature will automatically display inbound flights in a estimated order with estimated landing times. The system can also be configured to arm the runways in case of an aircraft on final, resulting in an audible and visual alarm if any vehicle enters the runway area without clearance.

The terminal and ground ops information will provide the ATCO with valuable information for preparation of aircraft pushbacks, tows, engine startups, etc. and provide an organized way of handling ground traffic. This information will also provide the airport with a estimated departure time for aircraft while airport service vehicles can return information to the tower, such as breaking action, snow reports, etc., minimizing radio occupation.

Furthermore, the system does not only provide the tower with relevant information. The displays can be set up at any location and monitor any vehicle, inside or outside the airport. Even airport related vehicles on errands around the city can be tracked and registered. Technical services, fire brigades and ground ops can monitor any vehicle in their operation to maximize service handling times optimizing the total response time of anyone involved in the day to day operations.

Main Features
  • Provides Tower with dynamic live view of the airport ground
  • Can be installed in any vehicle or moveable object, even carried on person
  • Works in any airport environment
  • Does not require any radar or microwave equipment
  • Uses standard hardware, PC computers and Android based devices
  • All areas can be independently geo-fenced, runways, taxiways, aprons, fields, cargo bays, areas, etc.
  • Any vehicle can see nearby traffic and message tower or other vehicles
  • Tower can message and/or clear any vehicle independently in groups
  • Less than one second interval between target detection and display
  • 96-99,9 percent signal detection
  • Virtually unlimited number of vehicles, types and sizes supported
  • Operational costs substantially lower than traditional SMCS systems
  • Operational features at least twice as many as in a traditional SMCS system
  • Reduces cost of operation and ownership
  • Supports both Windows and Linux operation systems for displays
  • Mobile clients based on Android technology