Mobile Air Traffic Control System

Mobile Air Traffic Control System is a transportable Air Traffic Control Unit which is inclusive of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems installed to meet Air Traffic Services requirements. As the contract stipulates the MATC Tower may be used at temporary landing strips, Advanced Landing Grounds (ALGs) and also as a Standby to Main ATC tower at fully operational airports.


The MATC system consists of a single-axle semi low bed trailer of 14 tons payload capacity with an integrated lifting mechanism of 6 tons payload capacity and a detachable ATC tower cabin.

A separate single-axle trailer with two DG sets and two UPS provides power for airfield operation wherever and whenever required. The trailer has been designed with a universal king pin arrangement which ensures a wide range of prime movers can tow the trailers. The cabin, built as a full-featured ATC tower, is equipped in line with the operational requirements.

Following are the salient features of MATC System:-

  • Compact, Self-contained and Self-sufficient Mobile Air Traffic Control system.
  • Needed in a rapid response role to cater for disaster relief / temporary extended ops at advanced areas.
  • Can be deployed and made operational within a short span of time.
  • Transportable by Sea, Land or Air.