About Us

Blue Quadrant Limited, an end-to-end provider of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance solutions for the Aviation industry, primarily for the African region. Most Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) and Airport Management companies face severe gaps in terms of Service providers, as most manufacturers and service providers as based out of North America, Europe or Asia.

Blue Quadrant aims to address this gap and become a reliable, trusted partner for the Aviation industry in the African region.

Blue Quadrant represents global majors in the specialized areas of Search & Rescue Management, Emergency Response Management, Air Side Vehicle Surveillance, Simulators, Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers, Flight Calibration and System Integration for NAVAIDS.

We can manage complex logistical and technical requirements, sourcing and supplying fully integrated bespoke ATC systems and ground based air navigational aids, designed, installed and commissioned to exacting requirements.

Services include system design, upgrading existing Air Traffic Control Systems, completely new turnkey installations, safety cases, training and maintenance and civil works.

At Blue Quadrant, it is our Corporate Responsibility to ensure that our clients are satisfied by our services to the utmost level and to achieve this, we have partnered with proven, experienced solution provider from across the world.


To provide world class, globally compliant products and services to the African Aviation segment and play a major role in the growth and safety of Air Transport.


Blue Quadrant aims to be the partner of choice for Civil Aviation Authorities, Airport Operators in the region and Global Aviation principals.


Our core values, sustaining our mission and vision, are represented by the customers’ satisfaction, continuous company’s growth, technology adaptation and an attitude of orientation toward our customers, respect and support for society and environment.