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Blue Quadrant Limited, an end-to-end provider of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance solutions for the Aviation industry. Our goal is to make flying safer, comfortable and efficient. We work with all stakeholders in the Aviation industry and serve them to achieve their vision.

We have the solutions and experience in Search & Rescue Management, Emergency Response Management, Air Side Vehicle Surveillance, Simulators, Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers, Flight Calibration and System Integration for NAVAIDS.

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Air traffic control and dissemination of necessary information takes place by aviation communication systems which bear a heavy responsibility for ensuring safe and smooth flow of air traffic in the air space.


The navigation systems provide information on an aircraft's position and enable precise navigation during the whole flight – from its take-off from the departure aerodrome to the landing at the destination aerodrome.


Surveillance equipment and systems are used for the surveillance of the aircraft and their traffic in the air. The most traditional surveillance devices are radars but, alongside, new technologies are taken into use as well.